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LtAP Mini LTE Kit is awful when network signal is unstable

Mon Sep 02, 2019 8:14 pm

I have LtAP Mini LTE Kit in my car to provide more reliable (as I thought) and powerful wireless connection to provide multimedia unit and passengers with internet even where phone dies (as I thought).

I love MikroTik very much, but LtAP Mini LTE is a complete disappointment.

When I'm in city with strong 3/4G coverage, everything works as it supposed to. But when I leave big city Internet connection becames awful and nearly unusable (though usual phone with same ISP shows 3-4 sticks of 3G/H+ and above-mentioned Huawei 4G router also changes bands and base stations seamlessly).
In big city it reads Evolved 4G/LTE with excellent/excellent level-quality. But when signal (or even band/network mode) begins to change - sometimes it even hangs (reads "No signal" or "GSM EGPRS" when phone shows full H+ or LTE signal) and reboot is the quickest way to bring it back.

Am I alone with this problem and, if no, what can I do to improve reliability of 2/3/4G connection?

Modem and routerOS firmware are the latest available.

One of the first things I tried is to reduce Wi-Fi transmitter power - it helped a little.

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