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Map2nd - Ethernet 1 dead

Sun Jan 12, 2020 7:05 pm

I had been using Map2nD in a sheltered area, but outside - and it didnot survive more than 2 months. Now, after cleaning all the dust, I have the following working -
a) Wireless works
b) Ethernet PoE1 works, but NOT the ethernet.
c) The system volts is always 0,7v (in system health)

If I connect ethernet 2, sometimes ether1 connects with 10mbps(even when there is no wire in ethernet) and both macs show up. I then cannot log in. If I reboot, it comes back to normal (ether2 working, ether1 poe)

Is there some way to salvage this? Is the connection to Ethernet transformer shot? Also, I see that one of the capacitor is empty ( a big one). What if I put a good value cap (say 100micro) and try?
In the hardware page, no info is available for ONLY this particular model. Is system health showing only 0.7v means something (it used to show PoE voltage earlier). Oh and - poe out function is also shot.

Thank you.

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