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RB750P-PBr2 - regular resets on 12V, possible Groove issue

Thu Mar 26, 2020 3:24 am


We are about to do some local testing on a couple of Power Box routers (RB750P-PBr2) do try and replicate a problem we noticed.

When powered by 12V (solar system with large battery) and with one or two Groove devices attached, we noticed it was resetting itself at fairly regular intervals.

This installation was in a remote location and access to the router was through either Groove or SXT2 lite device. The radio link to this location would be lost within 20 seconds so it was hard to work out what exactly was happening. Eventually, we noticed the router's log file showed it was "starting after improper shutdown".

At the most, the router's was powering two groove radios or a groove and sxt2 lite. Once we powered the system from 24V the problem stopped.

Another problem which could be related? We also have noticed on multiple occasions, when plugging in a Groove device, the router's POE status dialog ( through winbox ) would show intermittent (it might have been cycling) short circuit. The cables used were test/changed but the short circtuit message was still appearing. NOTE: this testing was done in a remote area, 46 celsius, no shade and communication llmited to the 20 or so second we were connected. So it could have been a cable problem, but I am sure we have noticed the same problem elsewhere.

We are about to try replicating the installation/issue so we can monitor it. If it starts to happen again, I will repost any info I have.

Has anyone else noticed something similar to this?



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