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mikrotik 951ui-2hnd hardware problem need support

Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2020 6:41 pm
by ajitjha
Dear friends
My Router is mikrotik 951ui-2hnd a friend brought me the router and asked for help the problem is when i power on the router the power and act led glows after few seconds the led 5 glows red as the light glow is constant as they do not blink. I tried a hard reset using the switch which was of no use . the wifi is not showing as well as winbox and netinstall also donot show them i tried setting my ip to static and this also failed. what could be the possible reason. I am sure the device is not bricked because trying resetting along with on and off the device countless times once i was able to see the device which was detected once on winbox i did leave the device in the state for 5 mins and many times i refreshed the winbox but the router showed even wifi was visible but as i thought the device is ok and i tried to off it and reboot it the error again happened can some one share what could be the possible problem and what i can do.