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R11e-LoRa8 on Linux

Sun Oct 04, 2020 10:14 pm


I bought R11e-LoRa8 instead of a similar piece of hardware from RAK as I'm trying to spend money on European products as much as possible.
The thing is - I'd like to use it with carrier board for the RaspberryPi Compute Module (I already have it, it has mPCIe slot, system recognize the R11e-LoRa8 but I'm not able to use it due to lack of proper "drivers") - is it possible to get information on how the module is built (probably the FTDI part so I can port the drivers from RAK products and use it with my RPi CM)

If that's possible I'll buy many of these cards in the future, but I need them working first ;) As far as I'm concerned RouterOS is based on Linux so the drivers should be already there...

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