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Resort Network

Fri Nov 06, 2020 12:08 am

I'm planning a Resort network that I would like to share and would like to have opinions about this.
Manly, the servers side and the first 2 CRS326 will sit on a datacenter 1km away from the Hotel main building were there are the other 2 CRS326:
There are 2 different fibre paths between this two.
All the links will be 10G, but the connections between datacentes and Hotel building that are 40G
All the CRS328 will be different buildings within the Hotel complex.
IPTV, Voice, Corporate Network, WiFi, CCTV, Access Control and more will be segmented in VLans within this network.
My main idea is to have enough bandwidth and redundancy as this is critical.
I'm not used to Mikrotik switching at this scale, but have implemented similar situations with other vendors.
After starting using Mikrotik, I loved it, and should I give a try in something as big as this?
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