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RBM33G GPIO and extra interfaces documentation

Fri Nov 27, 2020 2:58 pm

I am considering using RBM33G boards as the base of a solar powered autonomous system with LTE connection. The device will have some sensors connected over UART, I2C, etc. and while it is possible to connect them using USB adapters it would be a pity to not use the available GPIOs and interfaces available on the board. There is as well an ADC and several jumpers for unknown hardware configuration options. Is there a chance the full GPIO mapping to all the headers gets released?

These are the undocumented headers and jumpers:
J4: seems to be a MDIO header, my board does not have any legends but this one in the brochure does
J600: two pins, one is GND and the other is labeled A-IN. Possibly analog in? Or a jumper.
J700: two pins, one labeled 5V0 and the other CTRL. Possibly a jumper for controlling something.
J601: Header with I2C, UART2 and UART3 and SPI, but several pins are not labeled in the board. Also, it seems that the UART2 GPIOs are shared with the various enable pins for the PCI, m.2 and USB voltage regulators, which makes use of the port impossible. SPI pins are grouped but not labeled individiually.
J23, J14, J13: Jumpers for SPI configuration, the only published documentation is the default config of jumpers for booting normally.
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Re: RBM33G GPIO and extra interfaces documentation

Sun Dec 13, 2020 12:11 pm

There seems to be a bit of related RBM33 GPIO discussion here -

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