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More broken NEW mikrotik hardware than other years?

Mon Nov 30, 2020 11:21 pm

This year we had many more Mikrotik devices that don't work out of the box, or stops working with in a year.

Not working out of the box :
Omnitik : 5 devices where the POE out is not working (did solder them trough to fix it)
SXT SQ : 2 devices that can only receive and can not transmit wireless data. (those went into the Bin)

Working but failed within a year:
Omnitik : 3 devices where the RF power amplifier gave short-circuit on the 5V of 3V3 lines (no lights on the device, PCB getting hot and making a buzzing sound)
on these last devices i removed 1 or 2 RF amplifiers, see picture
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Re: More broken NEW mikrotik hardware than other years?

Mon Nov 30, 2020 11:31 pm

Some people have problems with NEW RB like SXTR/LHGR and theyr SIM SLOT.
MikroTik itself often ask them to use a transparent office tape on back sim card :D

Some SXTR not activate LEDs, even system reset-default... only NetInstall enable them after reset to defaults. But this is just a wrong software out-of-box.
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