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Long Cable Ethernet Link Issues after upgrade to 6.47.X

Thu Dec 03, 2020 1:41 am

I have two cases recently where long distance (e.g. nearly 300') routerboard to routerboard ethernet over CAT5 was working w/ out issue prior to the upgrade. After upgrading both ends to 6.47.X the links either don't come up or cycle between various speed and duplex settings. Setting one side to advertise only 10Mbps 1/2 duplex seems to resolve the link down and bouncing issue. Setting both sides to autonegotion=no and any combo of speed and duplex does not seem to fix it.

In both cases a powerbox was involved though different generations in each case.

I understand these links are long, but they had been working for years w/ out issue. Only after the OS upgrade did they present problems.

While 10, 1/2duplex is a work around, of course this is not desireable.

Is anyone else having these kind of issues? Any bugs open against this?

Thanks in advance,


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