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RB532 keeps rebooting

Tue Jul 10, 2007 10:22 am

Hi together,
after unsucsessfully searching the forum, i decided to start a new thread:

I have a RB532 with daughterboard installed.
2x R52 directly attached to the RB532, one CM9 is placed on the daughterboard.

The cm9 is used as client uplink to another RB532. We installed new antennas and switched the link from 2,4 GHz to 5GHz. After switching the mode for this device from 2,4 to 5 GHz, the device startet to reboot every few minutes. After one day, everything gets stabilized and the reboots disappear.

We downgraded from ROS3beta9 to 2.9.44 yesterday and changed the configuration.
after downgrading, the link was worse even with more TxPower (8dBi stable before downgrade, 17dbI unstable after downgrade)
After the config change, the rebooting of the device starts again. It is not after a fixed period, i varies from 1 minute to 10...

For me, with my very little understanding of ROS, it looks like a hardware Problem.

Anyone who has a idea?

Thanks in advance!


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