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Powering a MAP using both usb and the included adapter

Sun Jan 17, 2021 5:14 pm

Short introduction:
Hi, i work in architectual lighting. for a testing and commissioning kit i'm have a small Pelican case that features a MAP and some lighting specific equipment. All of it is powered via a usb power bank. The case has a power cable in it to charge itself or use it without draining the battery.

Actual question:
Is it possible to power the MAP from both usb and the included adapter? Usb power is always on and cannot be disconnected

What i'm trying to accomplish:
On battert power use it with the included MAP as an AP.
On wall power have the option to connect a poe powered AP to the MAP

Included is a photo to give a basic idea of the situation.
In the final version the power bank is behind the metal plate.
MAP will be mounted on the bottom left.
MAP power adapter will be behind the metal plate
The switch controls 5v to the MAP and other components. Hence i'm unable to disconnect 5v from MAP when powering it with either usb or adapter
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