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Best router for Gigabit connection

Tue Jan 26, 2021 11:13 pm


I own an older RB2011 and I am moving into a new apartment where I have a fiber connection to my place. Since 2011 is not gonna cut it anymore I've decided it is a time for an upgrade.
Basically what I am using is a VPN connection to the office since I am working remotely. Furthermore I have few VLANs on my network for IoT, Media, Guest WiFi, local storage/media server and that's about it.

I've looked on the internet and I am not quite sure which product should I choose. So far I've considered: RB4011, RB1100AHx4 (this one does not have an SFP port, although this is solvable by other means) and CCR1009. Each of the mentioned devices have it's advantages and shortfalls. Which one would be the preferred way to go?
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Re: Best router for Gigabit connection

Fri Jan 29, 2021 5:58 pm

For home installation, I'd go with RB4011. CCRs are good at larger number of concurrent connections but not so good at lower number of high throughput connections. In addition, CCR1009 price tag is twice the price tag of RB4011. Also, RB4011 has switch chips (not the greatest functional-wise though) so it can act as a simple switch between LAN ports. CCR does not, so any port-to-port traffic hits main CPU.

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