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A few questions about queues

Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:56 pm

I'm currently using a RB150 with RouterOS 2.951. We have 2 bonded T1 connections and about 80 users. I've noticed that file sharing programs notably uTorrent and Limewire don't seem to be getting caught by the all-p2p traffic queue that I have setup.

I'm trying to find a way to balance all traffic based on active IP addresses if possible. I don't want to limit each IP to a certain speed, but would like to find a way to stop one person (IP) from opening up several connections and slowing everyone down. Currently limiting connections to 25.

I've previously been using PCQ queues. Would SFQ be a better solution? Does 3.xx routerOS do a better job of this?

I've been looking at the forums for info on limiting P2P connections, etc. Just seems the simplest solution would be one that balances all network traffic based on Internal IP address rather than by connection. Does a solution exist? Willing to upgrade hardware and/or RouterOS version.

Thank you
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Re: A few questions about queues

Thu Jan 29, 2009 12:44 pm

you are not able to Queue (limit bandwidth) of P2P programs that use encryption (like uTorrent etc). You can only block them with Firewall

Also you could make queues for good traffic, and queues with lower speed for all other traffic (this will include p2p)
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