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Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:32 pm
by dunga
Hello all,
pl zi am having problem connecting or tunning a point to point connection with 2 mikrotik radios.

I have connected the 2 radios, one as bridge and the other one wds-bridge or station. In teh 2 radios, i enabled bridgde and the connected but i cannot browse from the other client station, even after putting static ip address on the client side, i.e a computer connected to the mt radio that is the station.

Again, after i was able to assign a public ip on the MT, and made it a dhcp server, the computers on the lan side where able to browse but the worst case is dat, another radio on the same switch with the MT which is serving as base, where able to browse with ip of client radio, when the connected to the another base radio.

Let me use this little sketch to expl;ain myself well.
From the diagram, A wireless computer from F, connected to AP on B, and was able to get the same ip as PC in E, hence was able to browse with DHCP assigned to D. I want to stop that and how possible wil i run a Point to point connection with 2 Mikrotik radios. I am using MT RB 411 with OS ver 3.10.

Thanks your help wil be appreciated as other poeple in nearby locations are connecting witout my knowdledge and it has been slowing down my network.