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Wirelessly bridge serial ports

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:55 pm
by tackerman
I've successfully been able to set up remote access to serial ports via telnet/ssh connection.

Is it possible to bridge two serial devices over ethernet with router os.
The litmus test would be using the following physical setup

PC1 <--RS232 --> RB#1 <-- Enet --> RB#2 <--RS232--> PC2

and then to use Hyperterminal on each PC1 and PC2 and send a bit of data back and forth.

As you can see in the above there are no ethernet connections from the PC's to the RB's.
The idea being that you could swap out the PC's with a pair of self contained serial devices
that want to talk to each other.

From RB#1 I can certainly transfer data using /system telnet [ip address and port for remote access on RB#2]

I tried setting up some NAT rules to try and redirect the above telnet session but I'm not sure things work that way.

I think the crux of the matter is initiating the connection to the remote-access services and routing the data.
Is there any way to internally reroute the data from that routeros telnet session to the remote-access service running locally?

There was another similar post where someone was asking if there was a way for the rb to internally initiate a tcp connection and forward the local serial port data to another rb remote-access port service.