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rb816 + rb600a invalid & duplicate mac addresses

Sat May 08, 2010 12:45 am

We just received our first rb816 and installed it on a rb600a router running RouterOS v3.30.
The MAC addresses are invalid and ports from switch1 & switch2 are using the same MAC addresses.
I upgraded to RouterOS v4.9 with no change. I also reset the configuration with the rb816 attached and also reset it with it not attached with no change to this issue.
[admin@MikroTik] /interface ethernet> print 
Flags: X - disabled, R - running, S - slave 
 #    NAME      MTU   MAC-ADDRESS       ARP        MASTER-PORT      SWITCH     
 0    ether3    1500  00:0C:42:##:##:D4 enabled   
 1 R  ether1    1500  00:0C:42:##:##:D2 enabled   
 2    ether2    1500  00:0C:42:##:##:D3 enabled   
 3    ether4    1500  FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF enabled    none             switch1    
 4    ether5    1500  FF:FF:FF:FF:00:00 enabled    none             switch1    
 5    ether6    1500  FF:FF:FF:FF:00:01 enabled    none             switch1    
 6    ether7    1500  FF:FF:FF:FF:00:02 enabled    none             switch1    
 7    ether8    1500  FF:FF:FF:FF:00:03 enabled    none             switch1    
 8    ether9    1500  FF:FF:FF:FF:00:04 enabled    none             switch1    
 9    ether10   1500  FF:FF:FF:FF:00:05 enabled    none             switch1    
10    ether11   1500  FF:FF:FF:FF:00:06 enabled    none             switch1    
11    ether12   1500  FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF enabled    none             switch2    
12    ether13   1500  FF:FF:FF:FF:00:00 enabled    none             switch2    
13    ether14   1500  FF:FF:FF:FF:00:01 enabled    none             switch2    
14    ether15   1500  FF:FF:FF:FF:00:02 enabled    none             switch2    
15    ether16   1500  FF:FF:FF:FF:00:03 enabled    none             switch2    
16    ether17   1500  FF:FF:FF:FF:00:04 enabled    none             switch2    
17    ether18   1500  FF:FF:FF:FF:00:05 enabled    none             switch2    
18    ether19   1500  FF:FF:FF:FF:00:06 enabled    none             switch2    
Has anyone else seen this? I could manually enter the MAC addresses from the sticker on the bottom of the rb816, but I would prefer it to just work instead.

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