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How to earth R52Hn? Earth connector ´silence´ routerboard..

Wed Oct 26, 2011 7:35 pm

This card has two tiny screws on board plus one empty hole.

Which one to use for the earth lead?

Its hard to find a screw for the size of the empty hole so used the screw connection in the right hand top corner (beside the J5 mmcx connector). On some boards it works (I presume. How to test?) but I have had now two of these where connecting this location to the earth of either the rb433 or its metal casing makes the whole rb433 becomes dead..... only by removing the earth lead board likes to start up again...

(And by the way, I think MT should deliver a standard wire with eyes on both ends for earth connection. Like dBII does..)

(And another by the way: I think MT should provide better manual with these cards. How to connect these. Same counts for the R52Hn mmcx. (taken out of production it seems... )
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Re: How to earth R52Hn? Earth connector ´silence´ routerboar

Tue Nov 01, 2011 11:00 pm

the minipci is grounded by two lateral connectors: now you must ground the routerboard using one of four/six holes used to connect the board to the metallic plate of the enclosure.
i never heard of a ground connector in r52hn
it is very important that the antenna is dc-grounded. in this case it is sufficient to ground the N connector of the case.

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