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LEDs to show signal strength, RB411 and Sierra MC8705 3G

Sat Sep 15, 2012 8:11 pm


I have some RB411 boards with Sierra MC8705 mini PCIe cards.

I'm using ROS 5.20 which doesn't support DirectIP (and so directip-modem-ignore is set to yes), but if I run /interface ppp-client info ppp-out1 I can see the signal (in dBm) of the 3G radio.

My question is - How can I display the signal strength on the 411's LED by lighting them progressively and proportionately to signal? If I set them to 'modem-signal threshholds' (as this poster did) then they all light up and don't appear to be behave as you would expect.

Has anyone successfully configured the LEDs on the 411 board to light progressively with signal strength using the Sierra card?

I suspect it needs a script to poll it continuously and update the LEDs.


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