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RB411 inside stationbox-s?

Wed Sep 19, 2012 3:07 pm


I'm very interested in using some stationbox-s enclosures: ... tionbox-s/

On the website, it's stated that the stationbox-s works with the RB411 boards: "StationBox® S turns MikroTik RouterBoard RB711 or RB411 into flexible compact outdoor radio unit."

I asked my reseller to confirm this and they said it didn't have a chance of fitting the RB411, just the RB711. They explained that the RB411 board is slightly longer than the RB711.

I just matched the images up and I can see what they mean. It doesn't look possible at all.
Left side of the image is the stationbox-s with a RB711, on the right I have placed a RB411 for comparison, scaled to the same width:


Who do I believe? My eyes or the website? :?

EDIT : Ah, RF Elements have just contacted me to say that the RB411U will not fit in the case, but the shorter boards such as the RB411UAHR will. I did not realise that 411U boards came in different sizes.. Silly me!! :lol:

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