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750G PPTP client behaviour

Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:40 pm


I have been setting up some PPTP links between my office and my client devices.
The clients RBs are usually setup as the PPTP servers and I configure multiple PPTP
clients correspondingly on my office device

I did however need to hookup two sites for one customer and so proceeded in the
same fasion between an RB750G and a RB433UAH (5.21)

The funny thing is that the RB750G client, when connecting to the clients RB433UAH
always provoked the creation of a dynamic PPTP server interface.

This was bizarre, because a static interface had been created beforehand. What ever
I did the dynamic interface kept getting generated, and the static one ignored.

I even configured the client PPTP on a another RB433 device to see if my PPTP server
setup was wrong , and the static PPTP server interface was correctly employed, no
dynamic one created.

Is this a bug ? Or is the the RB750G happier to run as a PPTP server than client ?



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