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4G LTE cards (Huawei E3276s etc) suport request

Thu Mar 07, 2013 1:04 pm

from the end of 2012 many providers start to sell new LTE cards Huawei E3276s also named as K5007 in Vodafone, M150-1 in Megafon and no older cards, like Huawei E398 are available. When new 4 gen cards will be supported in Mikrotik routerboards for example in RB751, RB951 series?


We can not propose Mikrotik for our clients who want to use LTE in 2013 year :(.
One of major Mikrotik features "3G/LTE support" is not true - no LTE cards support for 2012-2013 mobile internet users. For example Zyxel made new firmwares at the end of 2012 - I understand that is reaction of leading company.

Dear collegues, please do not only view this post, but write your coment, for example "Y" if it is critical for You too.

TEMPORAL SOLUTION tested with Huawei E3276s and Omnitel (LT) (added few days later :) ) ONLY FOR FANATICS of MIKROTIK- a lot of problems - usually cannot connect after reboot, sometimes connection takes 5 minutes, but anyway. When can not connect - card is not detected as USB device (also not as LTE card), interface ppp-out is rised (ppp client), but no internet connection, error in log "can not acquire serial port". Looks like RB951g-2hnd 5.24 USB is bugous - it does not recognize USB devicestime to time (tested with USB flash drive).
1. To play with your Mikrotik (not really to work) you need to send AT command to card - only once, only for Huawei E3276s (M150-1):
You may use any program like Putty, Huawei Modem Terminal, DC unlocker client etc.
AT command list for E3276s:
A: BLUE TOOTH ; A1: CDROM ; A2: SD ; 1: 3G MODEM ; 2: 3G PCUI ; 3: 3G DIAG ; 5: 3G GPS ; 10: 4G MODEM ; 12: 4G PCUI ; 13: 4G DIAG ; 14: 4G GPS ; 16: NCM - Network Card Mode
2. Attach card to Mikrotik
3. Change APN, firewal and nat rules accordingly
Speedtest: D-17,51 Mbps, U-11,95 Mbps , so it is working in 4G mode - when working. If not working, try to shutdown Mikrotik, remove card, attach and repeat it many times until successfully connect or you will be bored.

Also Huawei E3276s after AT command working on D-Link DIR-320 with custom firmware (for example from enthusiasts or Vampik) without any problems, but internet speed is decreased to about 11 Mbps - weak hardware. Also you can use Zyxel Keenetic or Keenetic 4G. Also you can use many other routers with recommended 4 or 8 MB flash size with OpenWRT (TP-Link MR3220, MR3420, MR3040 (mobile).

COME ON , Mikrotik, don't be LAST!
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Re: 4G LTE new gen. cards (Huawei E3276s etc) support reques

Fri Mar 08, 2013 4:35 am


I completely agree we need 4G support we have to use other products for our customers that want to use LTE when we could be using MT :((
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Re: 4G LTE new gen. cards (Huawei E3276s etc) support reques

Sat Mar 09, 2013 5:55 pm

Deleted because not related.
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Re: 4G LTE new gen. cards (Huawei E3276s etc) support reques

Sat Mar 09, 2013 6:18 pm

I couldn't agree more about the lack of support for emerging LTE availability. I have a Pantech UML290 that has been all but useless due to lack of any support.

I would like to see any availability of Any USB LTE modems that can be used in the US.

Also, being able to use any smartphones that have a USB feed that are tethered. My iPhone5 would be a good candidate :-) :-)

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Re: 4G LTE cards (Huawei E3276s etc) suport request

Sat Jun 29, 2013 8:25 pm

I agree. It's time for Mikrotik to support an move into the mobile arena.

We are trying offer the RB411 and RB912 with MC7710 LTE / 4G for delivering Free WiFi into public transport, wifi poster and tourist sight seeing attractions like the canal boats in Amsterdam and Rotterdam harbour.
With 4G we can use the bandwidth as backhaul the WiFi to the Internet and our central placed hotspot and portal.

However it is a struggle to combine the cards and routerboards with different firmware and no Mikrotik support on this.

Mikrotik please address this market opportunity with your own 4G / LTE embedded hardware and solution quickly. The train is already in motion.....

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Re: 4G LTE cards (Huawei E3276s etc) suport request

Wed Jan 29, 2014 6:06 pm

This is a very interesting topic and I guess we all agree that MT has to pay more attention of LTE chipsets/ usb dongles support. Many customers demand this, even if this is not loudly expressed in the forum.

I have tested the Vodafone K5005 usb dongle and behavior is quite appreciated I would say.
Tested on RB951 with ros v6.7
It is not recognized as an LTE interface on respective tab but as a normal huawei usb dongle.
The problem is that reset ATDT commands are not applicable so modem reset cannot be done.
However it is quite stable but not for deployments without supervision.

We all expect more from MT in this area.
MT devices are ideal for mobile hs applications, so we hope that MT will understand that LTE is the next big thing on this area....

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