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CCR1016 12G stops responding

Thu Mar 07, 2013 10:52 pm


After reading some topics about RCC and ROs6.x I begin to understand that this product is not stable and is in testing phase.
And this is miserably, that hardware distributors do not add warning about this. Stuff is not cheap.

I got this nice looking piece of hardware, and was very happy about this.... especially because I am from country of origin and patriot of Made in Latvia, and I like RouteBoard hardware. Pity...

And there it starts. I rewrite config three times. All the time blaming myself in lack of experience of network administrator (what I am not) when something goes wrong and starts behave in a strange.
But I am sorry... on RB751 all my configuration works perfectly.

So the events.

First of all it was suspicious that I lost connection to RCC management site very often. Strange, but OK.
Secondary, the EoIP tunnels with IPsec cause CCR looping reboots (there are many complains about this and alike tunnels configs that causes CCR to reboot). OK.. I turned off IPsec, no big deal.
And the finisher was unexpected total unresponsiveness of CCR... but ping. It just does nothing, only respond to ping and forward ping to WAN, LAN and itself. Ah yea... it provides DHCP addresses. I tried to reboot it, turned of and on, nothing helped.
I even could not connect to CCR to see what happen. At least after some research in Google, i discover possibility to connect using Winbox through MAC. Ye, it helped. But there was nothing to see... even in log. For RCC it seams that every thing is just fine.

So, any suggestions? Can RCC be stable at all, or I should go and blame distributor of selling "release candidate" stuff without warning?

PS. Sorry for my rhetoric. It was terrible day with RCC...

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