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OmniTik failure

Thu Mar 14, 2013 8:45 pm

After some months working it died in middle of the night. No more ethernet, no more radio. No more reset nor netinstall. By the sound loose in the device. Opened the case and found the heatsink lying somewhere loose on the board....... obviously it must have caused some shortcuts somewhere because the board is dead.

The only thing still works is it passes the power to one of the ports that had PoE-out enabled.
Can't reset the board, not even with screwdrive on reset hole.

So, how come the heat sink came loose? I see no bends or dents and it falls easy over the frame again, and drops of as easy. Obviously a manufacturers failure. But whe only after 4 months?
It was windy last night, but we have seen that before, and worse.

Let it be a warning and hope this is an isolated case. We had 18 customers without internet for 14 hours and I was only lucky to have a spare one at the shelf..... but how long will that live now?
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