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RB1100AHx2 - faulty fan?

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2013 1:38 pm
by ghi000
Hello, anybody knows what type of fans are inside the RB1100AHx2? Last night I received high temperature allarms on the cpu, now it stays at 45 Celsius with 0 RPM. Even if i select the fan manually, switching to auxiliary or back to main fan after a few minutes, will not make any change in cpu temperature and it still displays 0 RPM. Happily, the mb temp is 22. Before the failure it stayed at 5000-6500 RPM wit 32 Celsius. Please help, i need to replace that fan. Thank you!

Forgot to mention that i adjusted the cpu to work at 533mhz and the ram at 400, else the temp will be 47 or higher.