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[3G card] MC8775 how select EDGE/UMTS mode?

Wed Feb 26, 2014 3:08 pm

Hi, I am using MC8775 Sierra Wireless 3G card.

Functionality: full
Rev. H2_0_8_19MCAP G:/WS/FW/H2_0_8_19MCAP/MSM6280/SRC 2008/08/29 18:28:52

On "Supported AT command reference" there is the command AT!SELRAT to select mode:

00 = Automatic
01 = UMTS 3G only
02 = GSM 2G only
03 = UMTS 3G preferred
04 = GSM 2G preferred

I place AT command in Modem Init box, but access technology of card is always 3G (I suppose automatic mode).

Anyone can help me about manage modes?

By the way, for this card are there available 2 channels (data and info); on which channel modem init works?

On this specific card I have channel 0 for data, then channel 2 as info channel.
If I manually set mode (/system serial-terminal port=usb2 channel=2), then I send AT command AT!SELRAT=02, it correctly changes mode.
But if I set Modem Init as AT!SELRAT=02, it doesn't work (I've tryed wit configurations: DATA and INFO = channel 0, DATA and INFO = channel 2, DATA = 0 and INFO = 2, DATA = 2, INFO = 0).

Is there a way to send AT command only on channel 2?

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