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Operating temperature wireless devices

Mon Mar 10, 2014 10:06 am

Hi, I've been using several boards in outdoor cases (RB433 in metallic case, RB411 in plastic integrated-antenna case).
During summer I've had several troubles: board stops to work.
Temperature issue?
Metallic case could get direct sunlight (off course, it's an outside case!) while plastic case was placed under ventilated roof.
I can't say it's a MikroTik fault, maybe case isn't so suitable.

Now I have to place about 20 radios outdoor (temperature up to 38°C): I've choosen Metal-5 GHz (due to low cost and compact size) and RB912G in original plastic case (someplaces I need also 3G card); both with temperature sensor.
Now I'm worried: on RB912 I can read 43°C (ambient room about 23 °C) while 37 °C on Metal (same room).
Both cases are built from MikroTik so I suppose engineers would be enough qualified, and I already know I shouldn't place case to direct sunlight (such as possible), but in outdoor installation often I can't avoid this.

So, which is the maximum operating temperature (read from board) I can work avoiding unstable system?
Or any suggestions about reducing unstability (except not direct sunlight installation)?
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Re: Operating temperature wireless devices

Wed Mar 12, 2014 5:38 am

The max CPU temperature should be listed on the product page however it's probably 60C like most of the mikrotik equipment.
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