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Metal 9HPn questions

Mon Sep 15, 2014 2:50 am

There is a slight overlap with another top here, but I have more questions...

1) What are the possible channel widths AND center channels..
Supported frequencies: 902-927MHz (Selectable center frequencies 907 to 922)
So I assume 907-922 at 1Mhz increments, right?
The center of 907 implies 10Mhz channels (902-912), but why not have a 904.5 or 905 center for 5Mhz channel from 902-907, or better yet, center 906Mhz for 8Mhz 902-910 channel, then 911-919 and 920-928 for 3 non-overlapping....

2) Anyone have hands-on experience to compare this with uniquiti's LogoM900? I have some of these now, and they are just not any good IMHO. They do support 8Mhz channels which is nice, but even when not colocated, their 8Mhz channel is garbage.

3) I assume that NV2 works....but the spec sheet doesn't say, can I get confirmation?

4) thoughts on a sector and a yagi to mate with this unit?

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