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"System rebooted due to a kernel failure"

Thu Jul 20, 2006 11:50 pm

Hi guys,

I have couple of Routerboards running Mikrotik around, but only seem to be seeing this particular problem with one new board I just installed. This is a RB532 running 2.9.27 with daughterboard adding 4 more mini-pci cards slots. In this unit I have 5 mini-pci wireless interfaces (AR5413 and 5213 cards), 3 doing 2.4ghz and 2 doing 5ghz. I am also running PPPoE and some EoIP tunnels on it as this is a central link point. Prior to this unit, I had 2 doing the job, so I only decided to put all in one box.

I keep noticing that at certain times, this unit reboots on its own and comes back up. When i log onto it and check the logs, the first line I see is "system rebooted due to a kernel failure"

One other important observation I made is when the router reboots, the current routerboard version is "".

Has anyone seen this problem before and any solutions? I have sent 2 emails containing the autosupout.rif it created on 2 different occasions to Mikrotik Support, but havent got any responses, hence Im looking for solutions elsewhere.

Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks
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Sat Jul 22, 2006 5:37 am

What specific wireless cards are you using? With 5 wireless cards, even if they're CM9 or such, I'd be concerned about power consumption. I'm not exactly sure what the onboard DC converter can provide to the mini PCI slots, but I do know that more than 2 SR-series cards is too much for a RB500 series, and that 2 SR-series cards on 12v PoE is pushing it (it may work, it may not).

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Misbehaving Routers

Mon Jul 24, 2006 1:47 pm

I too have several router board 532’s that reboot with the same
"system rebooted because of kernel failure" message in the event log, most of the time they come back up themselves, however some times they don’t and have to be manually power cycled.

The routers are running mixtures of radios, all have at least 1x CM9, one of them has a SR5.

One of the routers was running 2.9.27 and had this message, a few days later it died altogether. Now, when you power the router board the blue light comes on and the orange light is on for a long then short then off, then a long short, off ... etc.

We have three dead routers that do the above orange light sequence.

Mikrotik have been no help on either issue, sorting the kernel failure message or the dead router boards. I have two open support cases, one of which they told me to go back to wisp-router, the other has no response.

I would like to hear from others experiencing either of these faults.

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Mon Jul 24, 2006 3:01 pm

Well to be honest I was using 5 CM9s with the 4port daughterboard attached. 2 cards on board and 3 on daughterboard and this is being powered by 48v PoE. I sent 2 emails containing 2 autosupout files which were created on reboot to Mikrotik and finally got an answer after the second. I was asked to remove the daughterboard and test, but never replied because if I am to remove the daughterboard and test then there will be no need for the AP up there in the first place. I eventually brought the box down and replaced it with a RB233 with daughterboard, runnng 2 PCMCIA and 3 mini-pci cards and all has been fine ever since.

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