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PTMP Wireless Wire Dish?

Fri Oct 11, 2019 2:15 am

I have two locations at about 1000m distance that are within a few degrees of each other. Since they're too far to do comfortably with a WAP60G AP and LHG60s as clients, I was considering the possibility of using a Wireless Wire Dish as an AP.

Is it possible to take a Wireless Wire Dish (RBLHGG-60ad), upgrade the license to Level 4, and use it as an AP in a PTMP configuration?

If not, I'd need to do 2 separate PTP links with Wireless Wire Dish Kits. In that case, how close (physically) can the two units be on the tower (assuming that I use 58320 for one pair, and 64800 for the other)?
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Re: PTMP Wireless Wire Dish?

Wed Oct 16, 2019 12:52 pm

A few degrees is probably too wide, even if it was allowed by the license.
If you put two radios close to each other, you need some shielding between them (just like with 5 or 2.4 GHz) - even on extreme channels of the band, there will be co-location interference. I had such experience with a wAP60 (PtMP) and LHG60 (PtP), each one separately performed well, but poorly when both were active at the same time. Good RF filters are expensive and physically large, so you don't find them in cheap and miniature (mostly integrated on-chip) radios. It would be nice to see some sync option where all co-located APs can transmit for half of the time, then receive half of the time - then they could even re-use the same channel (and in this case no GPS is needed - have each radio listen to beacons sent by others, like NV2 sync).

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