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CapsMAN multicast

Posted: Sat Oct 03, 2015 10:40 am
by korniza
Good day,
I have setup on a RB2011UiAS a CapsMan server with a mAP as CAPs. Also caps are direct connected via ethernet to a switch CRS125-24G-1S and RB2011UiAS is connected also via ethernet to switch.
ethernet is used vlans for wired connection and Bridge for Capsman. I like to use a dlna speaker (lg music flow) to stream music from a desktop PC which is wired connected.
the problem is that speakers can not be found throught wifi, due to different subnet. I tried some PIM implementations but failed.

Does anyone know how to "join" a caps interface and a vlan so not to "break" multicast?

sorry for my bad description. I m totally lost is translation :) !

Re: CapsMAN multicast

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2015 5:23 am
by scampbell
I use Sonos on my network with Capsman.

The secret is to ensure you allow client-to-client forwarding in your datapath setup

Re: CapsMAN multicast

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2015 5:24 am
by scampbell
And also make sure Windows Firewall is disabled too LoL :lol: