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Big Hotspot Installation Questions (maybe with wAP and Groove)

Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2016 2:30 am
by commander86
Hey Guys,

has anyone of you testet how many Clients one wAP or Groove 52HPn can handle?

I have to Cover an Event-Area with about 800m² and about 500-600 Visitors (possibile Clients) with Wireless LAN. My current Plan is to use 6 wAP at the Edges of this Area and 2 GrooveA-52HPn (in 5ghz Mode) in the Middle (first and last quarter).
wAP-Ch1                               wAP-Ch6
|                                           |
|                Groove-Ch52                 |
|                                           |
wAP-Ch11                              wAP-Ch1
|                                           |
|                Groove-Ch60                 |
|                                           |
wAP-Ch6                                wAP-Ch11
All the APs would be managed through CAPSMAN (Traffic Forwarding to Capsman) and are Serving Free-Hotspot-Internet Access.

Do you think this Setup is enough for this amount of Users? Because my total Budget is limited there is not much space upwards, thats why i have chosen wAP as AP and not SXT.

Or do you think 4 or 5 SXTG-2HnD or Basebox2 with Omni-Antennas will do the Job either? This is my first bigger Mikrotik Wireless LAN Installation and i really don't know how much the APs can Handle.


Re: Big Hotspot Installation Questions (maybe with wAP and Groove)

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 11:39 am
by TomosRider
Grooves should be OK, it has enough CPU power and memory available.
Im using Groove as AP on one of our hotspots and it handles about 50 clients.