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repeater - station modes

Sat Mar 05, 2016 6:58 pm

Today I have tried to switch a 7 year old D-link repeater with a MT mAP2n.
I have failed. At least doing it the default wireless-rep way.

First, my setup and story is:

Mikrotik router (RB750). Every port on the box has its own separate bridge, dhcp pool and server except for Ether1(WAN).
every port on this router is connected to different old wireless routers throughout a big building. The one I have worked on today is an old WRT54GL powered by DD-WRT. This is set up as a stupid AP, no logic except for Wifi with WPA2 encryption.
In the other end of this wifi there is an old D-link repeater. This has worked perfect for 7 years, but lately it has started to require a reboot every now and then. This might have something to do with it being mounted in a waterproof box outside all the 7 years.... :)

The "setup-repeater" process itself works fine. It creates bridge with wlan1 as station-pseudobridge, and a virtual wlan2 as a ap bridge.
I put a dhcp client on the bridge-interface to be able to manage the repeater.

The problem is that I can't get seem to get more than 2 DHCP leases through this link...
On the Router/DHCP (RB750) I get a lot of messages like this:
" dhcp-XXXXXX offering lease for E4:8D:xxxxx to E4:8D:xxxxx without success" .

The first time i tried this it was one of the devices I tested with (a smartphone) that couldn't get an IP.
The second time I tried this it was the repeater itself that couldn't get an IP.

I tried fiddling with the wlan1 mode.. Setting station-bridge/wds doesnt work/connect as it's not ROS 802.11 in the other end.
stationbridge-pseudo seems to kill the virtual wlan2.

The only way I managed to get all clients to connect every time was to change the way this works -
remove bridge, set wlan1 as station with dhcp client.
then make EOIP connection between repeater and main router and bridge this eoip tunnel with wlan 2 to another network on main router.
I guess it would have worked just as good making the repeater a "router", but that would've added a dhcp server and more logic outside the main router than I would like..

So... Anyone have a suggestion for this?

EDIT: Both MT units in the net runs latest 6.35RC19 .
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Re: repeater - station modes

Sat Mar 05, 2016 9:34 pm

You have to keep your Eoip tunnel or make in bridge if Ap is not mikrotik.

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