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Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:45 am

From the Wiki:
In this mode outgoing frame at first is inspected by built-in QoS policy algorithm that selects queue based on packet type and size.
What does it exactly mean in 'dummy's' world?

I understand AP has some queues set in "Nv2-queue-count".

But the algorithm in use, based on packate type and size...?

What does it mean? Algorithm filters on protocol? Port numbers? Which ones get high priority queue and which ones get low?
Packet size? Big size high priority queue - small size low priority?

Is there any more info on how this algorithm of mikrotik actually works?

Also; I understood queues only work when package need to be dropped because of set limit. But what is the limit of AP?
How does the algorithm know?

In other words, if I only use default setting, is any QoS taking place on my AP?
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