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capsman V2 access list

Mon Apr 25, 2016 2:30 am

Hello all,

I have a CRS125 running V6.35 acting as a CAPSMAN and a hAP lite also running V6.35 acting as a CAP. Both units were defaulted before config.

I have capsman V2 running nicely. I thought I would try and limit a client to 512k by using the access list.

Whenever I try a speedtest site, I am not limited to 512k, instead I get my max bandwidth.

I know the access list works in general, because I tried setting some signal strength limits and they work fine, just not the AP-Tx-limit.

So, has anyone else come across this? Perhaps I am missing something.

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Re: capsman V2 access list

Mon Apr 25, 2016 9:09 am

Controlled Access Point system Manager (CAPsMAN) allows centralization of wireless network management and if necessary, data processing. When using the CAPsMAN feature, the network will consist of a number of 'Controlled Access Points' (CAP) that provide wireless connectivity and a 'system Manager' (CAPsMAN) that manages the configuration of the APs, it also takes care of client authentication and optionally, data forwarding. When a CAP is controlled by CAPsMAN it only requires the minimum configuration required to allow it to establish connection with CAPsMAN. Functions that were conventionally executed by an AP (like access control, client authentication) are now executed by CAPsMAN. The CAP device now only has to provide the wireless link layer encryption/decryption.

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