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Very low performance on 2.4Ghz interface after upugrade to 6.36

Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2016 9:27 pm
by lz1dsb
I recently upgraded my hAP ac router to RouterOS version 6.36. I had some issues with it though, but I solved them: ... 35#p550035

Now I notice a terribly low performance on my 2.4Ghz interface. Fortunately I still have the 5Ghz link running reliably and fast.
The radio conditions are great: SNR=49dB.
But than, the VHTMCS selected for the downstream is so low, given the radio conditions. And I'm sure it was not like this before the upgrade. An by low speed, I mean low. We're talking about few Mbps with a lot of lag too.
[] > interface wireless registration-table print stats

 2 interface=wlan1 mac-address=7C:5C:F8:E4:0F:B6 ap=no wds=no bridge=no rx-rate="300Mbps-40MHz/2S/SGI" tx-rate="180Mbps-40MHz/2S/SGI" packets=777,852 bytes=432439,111747 frames=777,854 
   frame-bytes=433989,106871 hw-frames=960,944 hw-frame-bytes=618897,143159 tx-frames-timed-out=0 uptime=21s last-activity=10ms signal-strength=-56dBm@1Mbps signal-to-noise=49dB 
   signal-strength-ch0=-62dBm signal-strength-ch1=-60dBm signal-strength-ch2=-66dBm 
   strength-at-rates=-56dBm@1Mbps 250ms,-62dBm@2Mbps 19s550ms,-62dBm@5.5Mbps 19s470ms,-63dBm@11Mbps 19s330ms,-59dBm@6Mbps 170ms,-60dBm@12Mbps 19s200ms,-60dBm@18Mbps 19s60ms,-60dBm@24Mbps 18s940ms,-
                  58dBm@36Mbps 17s740ms,-57dBm@48Mbps 17s650ms,-62dBm@54Mbps 17s940ms,-61dBm@HT40-3 16s340ms,-59dBm@HT40-4 12s700ms,-60dBm@HT40-5 12s480ms,-63dBm@HT40-6 970ms,-61dBm@HT40-7 10ms 
   tx-ccq=60% p-throughput=103071 last-ip= 802.1x-port-enabled=yes authentication-type=wpa2-psk encryption=aes-ccm group-encryption=aes-ccm management-protection=no wmm-enabled=yes 
   tx-rate-set="CCK:1-11 OFDM:6-54 BW:1x-2x SGI:1x-2x HT:0-15" 

The conditions are similar for my Windows based Laptop with Broadcom WiFi chip and with my phone. Only the 5Ghz is usable now. So the client and the chipset does not seem to make any difference.

Re: Very low performance on 2.4Ghz interface after upugrade to 6.36

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2016 1:29 pm
by lz1dsb
This seems to be a problem not on the hAP itself but with the radio spectrum. I changed the channel and the performance is not back to normal. I'll monitor it in the next couple of days. Man 2.4GHz band is just so crowded these days...

Re: Very low performance on 2.4Ghz interface after upugrade to 6.36

Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2016 2:29 pm
by lz1dsb
I can now confirm that this was caused from an interference from other channels in the 2.4GHz band. It's solved.