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WDS Link Keeps Locking Up

Mon Oct 16, 2006 10:42 pm

I've setup a test link between my office and a repeater site3 miles away
RB153 with Atheros R52 on each end.
A couple of workstations on each end doing constant ping to monitor link.
Works great but locks up at least once a day.
Can't ping either end. I can pwr cycle the AP side and then it comes right up.
I added an IP to both ether1's . They won't ping either on either end. It's like both boards are locked up.

Any suggestion?

On the subject also... I'm new to MT. We're wanting to replace some Canopy and Proxim backhauls. We have a static IP on each radio currently, as well as on each customer CPE.

Do I have to use WDS, as oppossed to taking up a lot of Class C's for subnetting along the network?

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Re: WDS Link Keeps Locking Up

Tue Jul 24, 2007 12:51 pm

verify each AP have same board OR firmware and default/same settings, mismatch on CIDR can cause conflict network, be sure to check it both, and write down, verify.. setting and restart both router!

oya... copy setting of both setting of AP, we may help each other, hopefully =)

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