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wAP ac and CapsMan - how to use both radios with predefined channels?

Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:51 pm

Hello folks,

I am struggling with CapsMan and the wAP ac

If I omit the Channel setting in CapsMan Configuration, both radios on each wAP is employed, but with auto channel, and maximum channel width, i.e. 80MHz for 5GHz.
I would like to predefine which channels to use, and channel width.

If I try to define channels then "no supported bands" is shown for the 5GHz interfaces, probably because the 2.4GHz config is used also for the 5GHz radios.
What must I do to employ the 5GHz setting for the 5GHz radios???

This is my config:
/caps-man channel
add band=2ghz-b/g/n extension-channel=disabled frequency=2412 name=channel24-1 \
add band=5ghz-a/n/ac extension-channel=disabled frequency=5200 name=channel5-1 \

/caps-man configuration
add channel=channel24-1 country=norway datapath=datapath1 datapath.bridge=\
    bridge-CapsMan mode=ap name=cfg-Home security=security-CapsMan ssid=Home
add channel=channel5-1 country=norway datapath=datapath1 datapath.bridge=\
    bridge-CapsMan name=cfg-Home5G security=security-CapsMan ssid=Home

/caps-man provisioning
add action=create-dynamic-enabled hw-supported-modes=gn master-configuration=\
    cfg-Home name-format=identity
add action=create-dynamic-enabled hw-supported-modes=an,ac \
    master-configuration=cfg-Home5G name-format=identity
So how can I pre-define channels for the 2.4 and 5GHz radios??
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Re: wAP ac and CapsMan - how to use both radios with predefined channels?

Sat Feb 25, 2017 7:57 pm

/caps-man channel
add extension-channel=disabled frequency=2412 name=ch1-2412
add extension-channel=disabled frequency=2417 name=ch2-2417
add extension-channel=disabled frequency=2422 name=ch3-2422
add extension-channel=disabled frequency=2427 name=ch4-2427
add extension-channel=disabled frequency=2432 name=ch5-2432
add extension-channel=disabled frequency=2437 name=ch6-2437
add extension-channel=disabled frequency=2442 name=ch7-2442
add extension-channel=disabled frequency=2447 name=ch8-2447
add extension-channel=disabled frequency=2452 name=ch9-2452
add extension-channel=disabled frequency=2457 name=ch10-2457
add extension-channel=disabled frequency=2462 name=ch11-2462
add comment="5170-5190 = 20Mhz" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5180 name=ch36-5180 width=20
add comment="5190-5210 = 20Mhz" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5200 name=ch40-5200 width=20
add comment="5210-5230 = 20Mhz" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5220 name=ch44-5220 width=20
add comment="5230-5250 = 20Mhz" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5240 name=ch48-5240 width=20
add comment="5250-5270 = 20Mhz DFS" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5260 name=ch52-5260 width=20
add comment="5270-5290 = 20Mhz DFS" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5280 name=ch56-5280 width=20
add comment="5290-5310 = 20Mhz DFS" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5300 name=ch60-5300 width=20
add comment="5310-5330 = 20Mhz DFS" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5320 name=ch64-5320 width=20
add comment="5490-5510 = 20Mhz DFS" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5500 name=ch100-5500 width=20
add comment="5510-5530 = 20Mhz DFS" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5520 name=ch104-5520 width=20
add comment="5530-5550 = 20Mhz DFS" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5540 name=ch108-5540 width=20
add comment="5550-5570 = 20Mhz DFS" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5560 name=ch112-5560 width=20
add comment="5570-5590 = 20Mhz DFS" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5580 name=ch116-5580 width=20
add comment="5590-5610 = 20Mhz DFS" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5600 name=ch120-5600 width=20
add comment="5610-5630 = 20Mhz DFS" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5620 name=ch124-5620 width=20
add comment="5630-5650 = 20Mhz DFS" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5640 name=ch128-5640 width=20
add comment="5650-5670 = 20Mhz DFS" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5660 name=ch132-5660 width=20
add comment="5670-5690 = 20Mhz DFS" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5680 name=ch136-5680 width=20
add comment="5690-5710 = 20Mhz DFS" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5700 name=ch140-5700 width=20
add comment="5735-5755 = 20Mhz" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5745 name=ch149-5745 width=20
add comment="5755-5775 = 20Mhz" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5765 name=ch153-5765 width=20
add comment="5775-5795 = 20Mhz" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5785 name=ch157-5785 width=20
add comment="5795-5815 = 20Mhz" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5805 name=ch161-5805 width=20
add comment="5815-5835 = 20Mhz" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5825 name=ch165-5825 width=20
add comment=N/A extension-channel=disabled frequency=2467 name=ch12-2467
add comment=N/A extension-channel=disabled frequency=2472 name=ch13-2472
add comment=N/A extension-channel=disabled frequency=2484 name=ch14-2484
add comment="5170-5210 = 40Mhz" extension-channel=Ce frequency=5180 name=ch38-5190 width=20
add comment="5170-5250 = 80Mhz" extension-channel=Ceee frequency=5180 name=ch42-5210 width=20
add comment="5210-5250 = 40Mhz" extension-channel=Ce frequency=5220 name=ch46-5230 width=20
add comment="5250-5290 = 40Mhz DFS" extension-channel=Ce frequency=5260 name=ch54-5270 width=20
add comment="5250-5330 = 80Mhz DFS" extension-channel=Ceee frequency=5260 name=ch58-5290 width=20
add comment="5290-5330 = 40Mhz DFS" extension-channel=Ce frequency=5300 name=ch62-5310 width=20
add comment="5490-5530 = 40Mhz DFS" extension-channel=Ce frequency=5500 name=ch102-5510 width=20
add comment="5490-5570 = 80Mhz DFS" extension-channel=Ceee frequency=5500 name=ch106-5530 width=20
add comment="5530-5570 = 40Mhz DFS" extension-channel=Ce frequency=5540 name=ch110-5550 width=20
add comment="5570-5610 = 40Mhz DFS" extension-channel=Ce frequency=5580 name=ch118-5590 width=20
add comment="5570-5650 = 80Mhz DFS" extension-channel=Ceee frequency=5580 name=ch122-5610 width=20
add comment="5610-5650 = 40Mhz DFS" extension-channel=Ce frequency=5620 name=ch126-5630 width=20
add comment="5650-5690 = 40Mhz DFS" extension-channel=Ce frequency=5660 name=ch134-5670 width=20
add comment="5650-5730 = 80Mhz DFS" extension-channel=Ceee frequency=5660 name=ch138-5690 width=20
add comment="5690-5730 = 40Mhz DFS" extension-channel=Ce frequency=5700 name=ch142-5710 width=20
add comment="5710-5730 = 20Mhz DFS" extension-channel=disabled frequency=5720 name=ch144-5720 width=20
add comment="5735-5775 = 40Mhz" extension-channel=Ce frequency=5745 name=ch151-5755 width=20
add comment="5735-5815 = 80Mhz" extension-channel=Ceee frequency=5745 name=ch155-5775 width=20
add comment="5775-5815 = 40Mhz" extension-channel=Ce frequency=5785 name=ch159-5795 width=20
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Re: wAP ac and CapsMan - how to use both radios with predefined channels?

Thu Mar 02, 2017 9:51 am

Thank you Coylh, I'll give it a shot when I get the time :-)
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Re: wAP ac and CapsMan - how to use both radios with predefined channels?

Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:12 am

How can I add more than one predefined channel to the CapsMan configuration???
The dropdown list does not allow for this (6.36.4)
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Re: wAP ac and CapsMan - how to use both radios with predefined channels?

Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:34 pm

Just provision your AP differently, each to use your specified channel(s).
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Re: wAP ac and CapsMan - how to use both radios with predefined channels?

Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:05 pm

Ok, so I'm not allowed to throw the same bucket of channels to all Caps and tell each of them to pick the clearest channel among them?

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