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Any edit in wireless breaks connections

Wed Apr 05, 2017 6:32 pm

In Winbox In the old days we could change most parameters in either the access or the connect-to list without affecting the real associated stations.

Since many versions back it started that when some settings was change in access list on apply (or OK) all associated stations disconnected from AP.
Today its even so that if a comment field is edited on either the radio itself of one of the access list or connect-to list items on apply all radio's disconnect!

Even if I edit a comment field in the access list of a non-existing unit on 'apply' ALL associated stations drop their association from the AP. This is ridiculous!

It makes it almost impossible to change anything, even comments, on the radio's without disturbing associated units (and thus clients). Isn't it time this is all corrected back to what it was some 2 years ago?
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