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SXT LTE Illegitimate signal level

Tue Aug 15, 2017 3:11 am

Hi there.
After update SXT LTE to current 6.40.1 graphical representation of the signal level (Quick Set menu) began to show incredible values:


But in terminal everything is quite well:
[admin@SXT LTE] > interface lte info lte1 once 
            status: online
          revision: chip:2.0 fw:
  current-operator: 250,11 (ECI 64310277/ eNBI 251212)
    current-cellid: 5
              imei: XXXXXXXXXXXXX
              imsi: XXXXXXXXXXXXX
              uicc: XXXXXXXXXXXXX
            earfcn: 2825 (band 7, bandwidth 15Mhz, DL freq 2627.5Mhz)
              rssi: -57dBm
              rsrp: -87dBm
              rsrq: -11dB
              sinr: 1dB

It's a bug?

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