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Mikrotik station on Ubiquiti AP issue - no data throughput

Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:18 pm


Having an issue with a few Mikrotik devices connected to a Rocket M5 sector. They stay registered but no data is passed through the connection eg pppoe doesn't register.

Simply kicking them off and letting the device reconnect sorts the issue. The rocket was on an older version 6, now on latest 6.1.2. Mikrotiks (all LHG5) were on anywhere from 6.38-6.40. Happens on all the versions so far. Seems like it's only the LHG5 that this happens with. The other Groove5s on the sector don't exhibit this issue.

Signal to the sector is good, CCQs in 90s, full registration speed 144mbps. Protocol is 802.11.

Anyone else experience an issue like this?


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