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Re: LHG 60G experience

Wed Feb 17, 2021 7:46 am

I always use 64800 if the links are above about 250m and often even less than thag
58320 is complete garbage. It theoretically should go much further but we've had radios drop out daily at only ~170m (LHG60G units) when it rains. Others have dropped when it's just overcast it doesn't even need to rain

Moving to 64800 fixes them most of the time, it should even be the default frequency
When co-locating radios I often still leave them all on 64800 as I find they really don't interfere much at all, radios 1m apart and I can run bandwidth test and still see ~1800mbit/s with the same error rate if both radios are running on same or different frequency. As long as the link never drops I can afford any potential reduction in speed anyway since almost all our 60ghz setups exceed the bandwidth on the 1gbit/s port, but so far havnt seen interference be a problem

If I don't even want to risk it I'll run next frequency down, but never use 58320, it has so many issues, not worth it

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