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Wireless or DHCP problem?

Fri Jun 15, 2018 9:06 am

Hello everybody!
Got a strange problem with (guess what...) iPhones, especially the X one. I've setup a CCR1009 for a customers, running a VLAN for two APs (Unifi) and run a hotspot on the CCR. for a strange reason which i have not found yet, all customers can connect to the wireless, the login page pop-ups normally for all users, yet there are two iPhones (one of them is X) which connect and disconnect from the wireless. It was working normally untill last Sunday, after Monday it never managed to connect again. Actually, it finds the wifi (which has no password as users auth at the hotspot), connects, gets and IP from hotspot DHCP and after 1 second it disconnects. There is no popup for the login page... Connects again, drops connection after 1 sec and so on. The same time, i used my iPad, my android phone and see i connect normally, while i can see more than 60 clients connected without a problem.

After giving him a static IP from the DHCP (not the device) and including the IP to the Bypass group (IP Bingings) the user connects (without popup of course) without a problem. I didnt try using ONLY a static which would be outside the Bypass, so as to see if its something with its lease, i will try that soon and let you know.

I suppose there is nothing with the WiFi (switched of the 5G, checked my channels, no luck) as it connects using a static IP (or bypassing the hotspot). I guess there are three options,
1) something with the login page (least possible, as i suppose it would just not connect to the hotspot, not drop the connection) although i use the same files (only redirects and site name changes) for more than 20 sites and no problem is reported.
2) something with the IP lease (will try a static out of the Bypass to see what happens)
3) something with the device settings ( i read about WiFi Assist but if i have 30 clients in one day, how can i inform them all and if they dont know what to do, who is going to fix it every time?)

Any ideas are welcome! :-)

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