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40 MHz channel width on 2.4 GHz superchannel

Sun Jul 29, 2018 1:25 pm


I have two RBMetalG-52SHPacn (running Router OS v6.42.6) configured in AP and station pseudobridge mode on 2.4 GHz for 5 km link.
I wanted to setup link on 2,4 GHz band (because I already have 2 24 dBi grid antennas for 2.4 GHz, and for now no 5 GHz antennas) on frequencies that are not so crowded (using superchannel frequency mode) on 802.11n using 40 MHz width.
By reading RouterOS manual, it is clearly stated when using superchannel frequency mode on RouterOS client, channels (frequency) must be set trought scan list:

"If using mode "superchannel", any frequency supported by the card will be accepted, but on the RouterOS client, any non-standard frequency must be configured in the scan-list, otherwise it will not be scanning in non-standard range."

And everything is working OK when I setup non-standard frequency in scan list using 802.11n 20 MHz width, but when I set 40 MHz width I get error:

- in scan-list unsupported channel: test_channel
- scan list does not contain valid channels


The error apears even when I enter standard channel frequency in scan-list (ex. 2412 MHz).

So my question is:

- is this error due to hardware limitation ?
- is this error due to RouterOS limitation of superchannel feature ?
- is this error due to RouterOS bug ?
- am I doing something wrong ?

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Re: 40 MHz channel width on 2.4 GHz superchannel  [SOLVED]

Thu Oct 18, 2018 3:29 pm

I know this is old topic, but just if somebody commes accross this problem.
You just have to set/leave channel width to 20 MHz in scan list, and in properties of wlan interface set channel width to 20/40 MHz and it will work on 40 MHz width.
That is a bit clumsy/stupid in RouterOS, it should be corrected.

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