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D-Link DWM-222 works only with CCR1009

Sat Aug 18, 2018 2:19 am

I just bought Orange SIM card and D-Link DWM-222 usb modem for backup connection. I wanted to connect it to my edge router (hAP ac²) as backup gateway but it doesn't seem to work... I have really mixed results with it.

At first I connected to hAP ac² and it didn't work.
Then I connected to RB2011 and it also didn't work.
Then I connected to core router which is CCR1009 just for lulz as I was certain it's not gonna work, also it doesn't make much sense to connect backup gateway to core router because it'd bypass all security appliances like IPS and firewall, but apparently it just worked.

Further analysis led me to following observations:
  • RB2011 completely sucks it doesn't even detect device on USB level but I found many info around internet that it's normal and RB2011 sometimes doesn't handle USB devices well. By default modem doesn't even light up, after setting usb mode to force-host modem boots up but that's it. Not listed as usb device in ROS.
  • CCR1009 detects device as USB and registers serial device under /port
  • hAP ac² sits in the middle - it detects device as usb (Mobile Connect listed as USB device under /system resource usb) but it doesn't add serial interface so... it doesn't really work
All devices run the same ROS version (current channel, up to date, 6.42.6). None of them had installed lte package, but later I installed one on RB2011. Didn't help. There's no lte package for ARM so I can't install it on hAP ac² but I'm not sure if it's necessary for serial modem connection.

What's going on? Is it lost cause or there's something I can do? (other than using core router as backup gateway or buying wAP LTE lol)

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