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Ptp 3.9km Config Optimization

Mon Oct 08, 2018 6:59 pm

Hello, first of all I would like to clarify that I am not a technician or network engineer, I am just making a particular point to point.

I currently have a point-to-point with two Sxt Lite 5, in which the distance between the points is 3.9km. I made some adjustments by choosing a frequency that would provide more performance, besides fixing some MCS. I would like to understand if it could be a configuration problem the fact that I do a network bandwidth test to send data and get > 90Mb (no packet loss), but when I do the same test for receiving data I get around 40MB (with a bit of packet loss).

My current link has the following signal quality:

Tx / Rx Signal Strength: -63 / -63 dBm
Tx / Rx Signal Strength Ch0: -65 / -65 dBm
Tx / Rx Signal Strength Ch1: -66 / -66 dBm
Signal To Noise: 49 dB

What could be the optimizations it could do to get more network bandwidth to receive data?

Some settings I've made:
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Re: Ptp 3.9km Config Optimization

Tue Oct 09, 2018 9:45 am


First off, I think you should look at your MCS... 0-7 are for chain 0, 8-15 for chain 1, 16-23 chain 2..... you have 2 chains and should only concern yourself with 8-15 as 0-7 only have influence when working in single chain mode. change your MCS to al least have MCS10.11,14,15 and try different modulations until u have what you need and is possible. (see this link):

AMPDU priorities could simply be set to 0 (default) unless you need these set the way they are now.

I'm assuming you are using Nv2, if so, increase your TDMA period size to like 5ms and cell radius to 15km (you should play around with these higher/lower until you get an acceptable result)

Good Luck and hope this helps!

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