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CAPsMAN and multiSSID

Wed Dec 26, 2018 11:30 am

I built a network of two СAP AС and one Groove. The main router HEXs, it performs NAT, the manager is enabled on it. The firmware on all RouterOS v6.43.8 devices (stable). Now one open SSID is configured, everything works fine. The customer wants 10-12 encrypted SIDs for each tenant of their own.
If I try to add a slave configuration on the provisioning tab, then nothing happens, no virtual-AP appears. On the CAP Interface tab, I can add a new slave CAP interface, but it will appear on only one AP those. To create 10-12 SSID I need to create 50-60 virtual AP (3 interfaces in 2.4Gig and 2 interfaces in 5Gig).
What am I doing wrong?
Maybe there is some way easier?
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