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mikrotik hotspot with voucher set in

Sat Jan 05, 2019 5:20 pm

im having issues on the antenna connect dirctly to my hap ac lit using a cable to poe oort the signal is fine and they are able to connect and login using vouchers... but in antenna acting as a repeater for the hotspot... there are times it gets to the login page there are times it doestlnt even though they are connected to the hotspot... also for those who are able to see the login page... the cannot login for somereason... nothing hspoens after clicking on submit... i thought it might be a signal issue so i took the other antenna closer to the first then tested but have no luck...

but if i dont use the login page... and use the default as server everything works fine.. anyone who vonnects to the hotspot are able to get internet access.. is there any settings i needed to check?

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