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P2P Connectivity issues

Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:53 pm

Hey, I could really use some insight into a problem with a few of my wireless links.

One of my sites is connected to the main office via a 8km link using 2 dynadish antennas, from there another point to point using LHG5ac to bring the network to the router and then finally sends the signal out to 3 seperate sites one uses a dedicated link with LHGs and the other 2 use a horn and have a LHG at their end.

My question is about interference, I have made sure that all links are using appropriate wireless channels that dont interfere and also looked at the access points wireless channels but i still see TX/RX CCQ dropping to 55% on the 3 links that leave the router. The antennas are all mounted in close proximity on a telephone pole that has a 3 phase power transformer less than a few feet away.

Could the power transformer be the culprit of the low CCQ?
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