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Help in Designing a Robust Wifi Network

Tue Feb 05, 2019 11:06 pm

Greetings from Chicago:
I need some guidance/help in redoing an existing network using Mikrotik Routers and Ubiquity AP’s (If Mikrotik don’t have similar AP’s). See attached pdf – Page 1 is the existing network, page 2 is the proposed network. I would like to do this upgrade in the next two weeks.

Please note in this document I refer more Ubiquity, please substitute it with Mikrotik. Someone suggested that Mikrotik can do the routing and management better than Ubiquity hence this post.

1.a We have 5 services running inside that is reached via port forwarding
1.b We have vpn users who connects using pfsense/openvpn and get an ip address of the local network
1.c We have a legacy ERP application that is running on IPX/SPX protocol (scheduled to be retired in 9 months) and I cannot do VLAN until it is retired.
1.d We port mirror the gateway LAN port of Pfsense using a mikrotik router and then use to see the outbound/inbound traffic stats

Where would like to go:
Phase – 1 (now)
2.a We will continue to 1.a, 1.b, 1.c
2.b 1.d can be replaced with Ubiquity USG

2.c We want to setup three levels of external access (web url controls using Ubiquity USG)
- Group-1 - Can only go to sites listed in whitelist-1 config file
- Group-2 - Can only to go sites listed in whitelist-2 config file
- Group-3 - No restriction can go to all sites
- Group-1 members can be assigned by connections from SSID
- Group-2 members can be assigned by mac address (wired LAN connections)
- Group-3 members can be assigned by mac address and/or connections from SSID

Phase – 2 (Oct 2019)
3.a Retire legacy application running IPX/SPX and implement VLAN – enhancing the functionalities in Phase-1 that were limited by the inability of implementing VLAN in Phase -1

I am also open to paying someone in the community directly or making a donation to his/her favorite charity.

Thank You!
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