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getting IP from DHCP server across wireless

Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:45 pm

Dear all,

i've been having problem with routing from wireless DHCP client in RB-931-2nd

i have a DHCP server via wireless, i use DHCP client in wireless interface on RB-931-2nd to get IP from that server.
i would like to distribute the IP from the DHCP server to ether1 and using a switch, further distributing the IP to Pc A, Pc B, and Pc C
(please look at attached pict)

i tried using creating a DHCP server in ether 1 (eg, and masquerade NAT from wlan, i do get internet, but i cannot ping the other PC in the DHCP server that get 192.168.1.x IP

i also tried to set a bridge between wlan1 and ether1, thus putting DHCP client on the bridge, but i still did not get any IP in the ether1 side

what did i do wrong?

thanks in advance
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